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Our plan to Commoditise Digital Marketing in Australia through 100+ Branches

Digital Marketing is the fastest growing industry in Australia. According to Deloitte Access Economics, over 2.1 million small and medium businesses are in need of a digital marketing service. Additionally, over 90% of these small and medium businesses are not taking advantage of the digital tools available today. This is mainly due to there being no perfect model of digital marketing that fits a micro, small or medium business. BeLocal Today – through our extensive research – has developed a framework that solves this problem. Now, more and more small business are coming on board and achieving results through the advantages of online marketing.

This is why BeLocal Today plans to set up 100+ branches Australia wide by 2019.

BeLocal Today: Honest and Transparent Digital Marketing

Our Vision:

To empower small businesses through result driven, honest and transparent marketing.

Our Mission:

  • To Transform marketing for small businesses to commodity, through a KPI based service framework, at an affordable price.
  • To be truly local. Our branch offices in each location provide a 24×7 accessibility to our clients when they need us.

Our Strengths:

  • A strong local presence through branch offices – transforming digital marketing as a commodity;
  • Flexible weekly payments – suitable for small businesses;
  • Unique digital marketing frameworks – WebMax, LocalMax, ClickMax and LocationMax;
  • Guaranteed results – traffic, key performance metrics, penalty-proof (100% money back);
  • Dynamic framework – constantly adopting changes and enhancing improvements; and
  • Skilled team – a team of 86 highly skilled digital marketing professionals, which continues to grow.

Why a BeLocal Branch Licence?

  • Based on our study – in combination with 4-years of market experience – we have identified 200+ potential locations within Australia for a branch office with the principal of “BeLocal”.
  • A business plan for each Branch is carefully developed, based on potential target businesses analysis, AS-IS market size, risk factors and macroeconomic consideration.

What are Your Benefits of Owning a Branch?

We have identified growing regional areas throughout Australia in need of Digital Marketing Services. We have done the research for you in order to get you going. We provide a comprehensive business starter package, as well as provide ongoing support and assistance throughout your BeLocal journey, inclusive of a sales team and a delivery team. With our proven Digital Marketing formula, system and structure we give you a product that is ready to sell to your local market and a conductive business demand.

BeLocal’s business model is a new-age, fast-growing digital product within an untapped market. So many businesses are unaware of their need for a Digital Marketing Agency, and yet it is essential to them achieving optimal success within their business industry.

It’s a step up starting point, meaning as we grow, you grow. Unlike every other new business, you won’t have to start at the bottom. We provide a successful business opportunity straight away, relieving the stress and struggle of a new business.

Being local means, you can network and grow your business based off of a proven and tested successful digital marketing package. The best part, we provide a sales team for you as well as a local delivery team. We also provide ongoing tech support, giving you the chance to focus on growth and the success of your BeLocal branch.

Choosing a BeLocal branch license means a high demand and high growth business with a guaranteed income.

Your Guaranteed Income

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What activities are involved in branch setup?

There are certain activities involved in each branch, such as area development, local hiring and training and marketing.

Q2: What is the mode of investment?

We are looking for off hand investment for 5 year term licenses of each of the areas we are planning to expand. Investor will enjoy 49% of the profit during the license term. In case desired profit is not achieved due to any circumstances, we will still return guaranteed amount in 6 monthly installments.

Q3: How are the branches selected?

Each branches are selected after careful analysis of potential target businesses in each area, AS-IS market size, risk factors and macro economic considerations.

Q4: Is the license exclusive?

Yes, licenses are exclusive for a defined area.

Q5: How will you ensure guaranteed return?

Guaranteed return amount is carefully designed considering minimum two sales per month per area, while currently similar setup results 8 sales per month. We are working with different local businesses, mainly printing businesses in order to ensure appropriate number of leads are generated along with other lead sources, such as online marketing, telemarketing. In worst possible cases, if such two sales per month are not achieved, we can compensate from our profit of other branches.

Q6: Can I buy more than one license?

Yes. We prefer bulk licenses, for example – multiple areas. This will help us to minimize governance and investor relations activities.

Q7: What is your minimum commitment for a license area?

We commit a minimum 50 SQM office in a reasonable location, 1 trained sales person, 1 appointment setter and 1 delivery manager in each license area, supported by head office.

Q8: Is the amount of investment same for each area?

No, the required investment is different and therefore the return. We have demonstrated one of the already established license areas. Required investment varies due to multiple factors, such as market potential, number of local businesses, cost of living.

Q9: What is the renewal fee after first five years?

Renewal fee is 20% of the initial license value deductible from you final year payment. In case you decide not to continue the engagement after 5 years, this this money will not be deducted from your return after 5 years term.

Q10: Can I work in the branch myself?

Absolutely, if you have required skills and you have intention to work actively, you can definitely work in the branch. You will be compensated as per market rate with a separate job agreement.

Q11: I run my existing business and can generate a lot of sales for Belocal, what is my additional benefit?

If you engage as an employee of the branch, you will be compensated as per employment agreement. Else you will receive incentive as per different schemes, such as referral fee separately.

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