Free IT and Marketing Assistance for Local Businesses

At BeLocal, we are dedicated to our mission, which is helping local businesses, and we endeavour to achieve this in every way possible. This is why we have introduced LocalAssist, a platform for helping local businesses with small day-to-day issues related to IT and marketing through an advice and consultation FREE* local hotline.

LocalAssist will have your business back underway in no time!

If you are a local business who is experiencing problems that are IT or Marketing related, that could be solved by small tips, advice or technical expertise, LocalAssist and our team of industry experts will provide you with FREE* easy-to-understand advice to help you get your business back up and running as quickly as possible.

We Can Help Your Business with

  • Website (Speed, Hosting, Domain, etc.)
  • Email (Hosting, Set Up, Network Error)
  • Networking
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
  • Organic Digital Marketing (SEO, Google MyBusiness, etc.)
  • Pay Per Click Digital Marketing (Google AdWords, Facebook, etc.)
  • and much, much more!

If you have a digital issue we want to help! Don’t waste valuable business hours struggling to solve your IT or marketing problem. LocalAssist’s team of industry specialists can help you solve your concern, so that you can get back to doing what’s important.

We are LOCAL specialists here to help solve your LOCAL business IT and Marketing concerns!

When you call or email LocalAssist, you are not speaking with someone from another country, you are in fact speaking with a local expert; someone who you may very well bump into at your local pub or RSL. We truly mean local.

A day lost to IT problems or Marketing frustrations is a day that hurts your business! We want your business to grow, every day, all day. So, don’t waste your valuable time dealing with issues we can help you solve! We’ll leave the running of your business to you, and you can leave the IT and Marketing of it to us.

How You Can Get the Fastest Solution for Your Business

  • Have all of the information ready to go in front of you: passwords, logins, usernames, model numbers, etc.
  • A clear description of the error (a screenshot if possible of the exact error message or issue).
  • Try to be as specific as possible about your issue:
    • ‘my business website has crashed’
    • ‘please explain to me how Google AdWords work, and how they can help my business’
    • ‘I have recently started a new business, can you please help me understand how I go about registering a domain name and email, as well as setting up my website’
    • ‘My IT or Digital Marketing company says I need ‘this’ or that I need to pay for ‘that’, is that right and is that a fair price?’
    • ‘I have [this specific] error happen on my business computers or website, please help’

LocalAssist is here for your business. Not sure what Digital Marketing is and if your business needs it? Give us a call, and our industry experts can clearly explain to you ‘what Digital Marketing is’, ‘how it can affect your business’, and ‘how to go about implementing it in order to achieve success!’

We provide help that is easy-to-understand and simple to follow!

We endeavour to be not just another IT support system. LocalAssist is real local people providing free advice to local businesses in order to give back and help our community grow. As locals ourselves, we are here to support the success of our local businesses!

Free Hosting Service

If you are a Queensland-based local business who has been operating locally for more than 1 year, we are happy to offer you a free hosting service on our high performance local server. This free service includes: migration, hosting, maintenance, basic troubleshooting and 24X7 phone (1300 BELOCAL) and email support.


How do I know if my business is eligible for this free hosting service?

If you are a GST registered local business in Queensland, who has been in operation for more than one year, then yes, you are eligible, and we will happily host your website for free.

Why BeLocal have taken this initiate?

In a recent study, BeLocal found that local Queensland businesses are being severely impacted due to poor website performance. One of the key contributors of this problem is their hosting.
Click here to read more about our study.

While there are several activities to be performed in order to improve your business websites performance, having the right hosting with up-to-date technology is the very foundation. This is why, we have decided to offer free hosting to all local businesses within Queensland.

Do you support migration activities?

Yes, we will perform the migration activities.

I have a complex e-commerce site, and web performance is extremely critical to my business. Do you still recommend that I to migrate to your server?

Yes, we can host your website on our high-performance server. However, if your website is generating huge revenue and if it is critical to maintain an uptime 99.9999%, we recommend you not proceed with our FREE service. Our local experts can help you with a guaranteed hosting performance, but this service is not free.

What are the key benefits that I will receive by choosing to have my website hosted on your server?

  • Improved Google Ranking, due to a faster and more secure website;
  • Better user experience, due to a fast loading website;
  • Higher webpage conversion; and
  • Lower Bounce Rate.

How long you will host our site for FREE?

Initially the free offer is for one year. But, it is highly likely that we will continue to offer this hosting service for free after one year.

What happens if I decide to take my website out of your server? It may be due to any reason, such as: my business growth, plan to setup on my own server or other.

You can do so at any time. We will even assist you in the migration process.

Do you guarantee 99.9% availability of the server?

For our paid services, we offer the below guarantee:

  • 85/100 Score Guaranteed on Google’s Test My Site (both mobile and desktop)
  • Optimize site according to recommendations provided by Google’s Test My Site
  • Page load time 2-4 seconds** depending on internet connection in use.
  • 99.9% Uptime.

For this free service we can’t guarantee, however we take reasonable efforts to achieve similar results.

Give us a call today!

To get in touch with LocalAssist about your IT or Marketing concern, please call 1300 BELOCAL

Alternatively, please feel free to send us an email at localassist@belocal.today, and our local team will endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible.

*LocalAssist will attempt to solve your IT and Marketing concern as best as possible, however, should your issue fall outside of our scope we will direct you to the correct source for assistance.