About Us

BeLocal Today is a Gold Coast based Digital Marketing Agency offering Local Search Marketing for small and medium businesses in Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast. We take pride in setting Digital Marketing trends for small businesses. We give effort to sit with the business owners to understand their business, spend enough time on research and analysis to utilize their resources effectively.

We offer effective Local Search Marketing service to business and increase their visibility in the local search results especially Google, Yahoo and Bing places. We target their proper geographic location and keywords based on their exact services and products, design catchy landing pages and use precise call to actions. We also syndicate right business information over trusted local channels.

With us you will receive proper Local Citation service, which according to specialists matters for roughly 46% of overall local ranking factors. It is the process of highlighting your business’s NAP (name, address, phone number) along with other business information on different high value Search, Social and Directory sites.

We provide Toxic Link Removal service for businesses. We take time to analyze your backlinks and remove whatever is damaging your site’s ranking prospect. We use Google disavow tools along with various manual processes to make sure your site doesn’t contain links that are not worthy to Google or Bing.

We also offer Search Marketing Training for small business owners who has many un-answered questions regarding Search Marketing. We take effort to teach how business owners can get more genuine traffic and how to convert those leads. From our 2 Days (8 Hours) course you will get many of your questions answered.

We provide packages to ensure effective Local and Social presence assisted by a good content strategy that will have enormous impact on your leads from digital traffic sources. We give you the right tools to measure the results in non geeky way.

Ferdous Haider

Chief Operating Officer

After managing search campaigns for some of the largest brands over many years Ferdous now dedicates all of his efforts to help small businesses on Gold Coast and Brisbane to embrace digital and reap benefits they deserve. Ferdous has over 5 years’ experience in search marketing, in a career where he has served over 3000 business of all shapes and sizes. Ferdous has completed his Bachelor Degree in Information Systems from Central Queensland University.

Julian Price

Manager Sales and Marketing

Julian Price is an entrepreneur, a Sales Guru and a digital marketing professional who has got over 16 years of experience in marketing, sales, and business start-ups. He has a proven track record of developing new business and leading sales teams that consistently exceed their targets. He has worked for several big companies in his long career span and performed very well. He believes in taking on board constructive criticism as well as learning from successes and failures in order to advance his own knowledge, skills and attitude and evolving in business and life.

Zawad Muzahid

Programmer & Developer

Zawad is a mature programmer and web developer driven by his passion and innovation to deliver high converting web experiences for visitors. He likes to implement big ideas on small business websites. Technical SEO is his game. Crawling, indexing, pagination, canonical are his daily bread and butter. He has graduated from his Bachelor Degree in Information Technology from Central Queensland University. He has been working in Local SEO for  a few years.

Quazi Elahee

Search Marketing Manager

Quazi is an IT Graduate who highly believes in web revolution and the mighty power of Local Search Marketing driven by citations and contents. He has over 2 years’ experience in Local Search Marketing under direct supervision from Ferdous Haider. Content Marketing, Local Citations, Website Audits are the areas that interest Quazi most. He has served over 500 small and medium sized businesses with great results over the last couple of years.

Rachel Barnes

Creative Community Manager

Rachel is a journalism graduate who is currently studying her Graduate Diploma in Writing, Editing and Publishing at the University of Queensland. Rachel has been working as a freelance journalist and content creator since 2008 and simply loves the power of the written word. She is passionate about creating relevant and engaging content across a range of industries. She is enjoying diving into the world of online marketing, and is excited to be a part of the BeLocal team.

Julian Deepak Victoria

Search Marketer

Julian is a devoted and focused search marketer at BeLocal Today. As days pass by, Julian is showing more accuracy in the search marketing department, especially in keyword research, organic search and ppc for small businesses. He is really good
at picking up the right keywords for clients businesses which helps clients to strategically focus their online marketing. Julian has completed his BSc (Hons) in Computing Information Systems from London Metropolitan University.