Our Values

Guaranteed 7 Performance Indexes

Because the website design industry is largely unregulated, there is no obligation on Website Designers to have written warranty policies or quality assurance systems in place. Belocal commit a set of global best practice performance indexes on all our custom developed work. This performance indexes cover the page performance, mobile friendliness, ranking and traffic.

Australian Owned and operated in Australia

We are an Australian owned and operated company. Most of our production work is carried out by our employees physically located at our Australian offices. Although other website design companies may contract work to India and China, we do not outsource work. This means that the quality of the end production will be better, ensuring that it will be effective for the Australian market in its design, grammar and spelling.

Economy & Speed

We have done 1000+ sites, so we can focus on your core needs. Our development methods are unique. Belocal can complete projects within very short timeframes and at economical prices. This is especially true of since we have done it so many times, that enables us to focus on exactly what you need.

We are honest and Transparent

Unfortunately, the web design industry is infamous for trapping people with captive marketing. Working against common practice in the web design industry, Belocal do not charge any exit fees. When your website is designed, you are the rightful owner of any intellectual property as is stated in the terms & conditions of our contracts. With regards to maintenance and updating, Belocal are happy to make minor adjustments and updates for free. We will provide a quotation for any significant work, however you are not obligated to use us. You are free to accept a quotation from another web company and take off from where we finished.

In House Expertise

All of our production is in house and we have few top experts in design, search and social media! It is important that your website designer has experience with the issues relating to various types of websites across a number of industries. The designer’s expertise will add to the success of your project by proposing realistic solutions based on what businesses have found previously successful. Belocal have constructed and maintain a variety of websites, total 1000+ happy clients and still counting!

Established Office – Your peace of mind

There are advantages of dealing with businesses that have an established office that you can visit. One is that you can personally meet Belocal staff and the designer that is looking after your project. A secondary advantage is that you will have the peace of mind of knowing where and how we work and be assured that we are taking the best possible care of your business. Our office is located at Suite 203, 89 Scarborough St, Southport, QLD-4215, Australia.

24X7 on-call support

We maintain regular communication and always give you friendly advice. We have great communication! Web designers in general are infamous for not replying to their clients quickly. We pride ourselves on prompt communication whether by email or phone. We are also happy to provide feedback and advice on ideas and projects that you may have. We act on your support requests 24X7 because we can’t sleep when you need our help!