Six Elements of Organic Search Marketing Campaign

Organic Search Marketing Campaign.

Organic search engine optimisation AKA SEO has always been very lucrative for businesses all over the world to acquire qualified free traffic. A number of study proved that cost per leads from organic search marketing is lower compare to any other marketing channel. Now from the organisations point of view it’s a no brainer not to invest in organic search marketing, however as we all know the organic channel has changed over last few years. As an organisation you need to know what to look for from your in-house or marketing agency in a successful organic search campaign.

A good search optimisation campaign need to have six main elements on it.

Phase 1: Research
Research should be first and the most important elements of an organic search campaign. Without having a comprehensive research process the campaign cannot and will not deliver on campaign objectives.

Phase 2: On-page optimisation
With around 35%-40% (and I believed this has increased over last couple of years )of Google’s ranking algorithms relay on on page factors, as a business you have to ensure your search campaign has dedicated resources to address this issue.

Phase 3: Local SEO
Organic search optimisation has always been popular among small and medium business with local intent for a number of reasons.

Phase 4: Off-page optimisation
Off-page factors of Google search algorithms have always been playing a trivial part to determine ranking potential of a site. Even though links are losing its value within search algorithms but not going away anytime soon. To keep up with these changes off-page optimisation has evolved and develops some great products to increase your presence on the web. Most prominent changes being Content Marketing and Social media marketing. With the introduction of negative value from links by major search engines force you to manage your link profile to ensure integrity.

Phase 5: Performance
Google introduced site speed as major ranking factor back in 2010 and this should be focus for every website to improved site speed and performance. However site speed for better ranking is only one of many values it can offer, Neil Patel showed how site speed affects your conversion and revenue. And with the rise of mobiles site performance just got even more important.

Phase 6: Reporting
Reporting is very important for any organic search campaigns for two main reasons, track progress and discover opportunities. You need to track a number of metrics (i.e. organic traffic, impressions, and rankings) to determine your campaign success. All the metrics you choose to track should align to your macro and micro goals. Great reporting framework not only provide you with data to track the success but also should provide you with recommendation to leverage opportunities based on your campaign goals.