BeLocal Today – Read-a-Lot | Week – 1

BeLocal – Read-a-Lot | Week – 1

Welcome to BeLocal read a lot. In this section we will share a number of links from all over the web with our analysis for Small business to educate themselves on Local SEO / Search Marketing better. We have spent over 50 hours combined every week reading (and watching) contents shared by all big names in Local Search. We will be sharing top 5 link nuggets here every week. Happy learning

Link-nugget 1:

You understand world is going more towards digital every day and your local clients are increasingly ditching traditional marketing channels in favour of digital. However all these are not good enough to convince you that you need to go digital today? Take a look at some of this stunning stuff compiled by good folks at BrightLocal.

Link-nugget 2:

When people search over 50% of them search for a product or service nearby according to Google. Google partnered with Ipsos MediaCT and Purchased® on to research 5,000+ U.S. smartphone users. Being present on Local Search results can drive instant sales with way higher lead conversion compared to any other lead generation channels.

Link-nugget 3:

What makes your local business website great and make more people convert sooner? At LocalVox those folks understand it better than anyone. Reading this article will give you good understanding on what to expect from your web designer when they are designing (or redesigning) your site. Worth reading every line.

Link-nugget 4:

You don’t have to be a “Guru” or “Expert” to understand how search works. Google has released this very informative and interactive infographics a while ago.

Link-nugget 5:

Great insight into local consumer’s online review consumption behaviour. Some of the facts are truly stunning and this insight will give you a whole new perspective into online review.