Correlation between search Rankings and site quality – Australian Research Data

There are few data available out there to understand the correlation between Google Ranking and how optimized your on page and off-page elements are. However I have struggled to find any Australian research data to see how this works in I have done some research on this and see the results below.
Total Keywords: 2,233 (Generic high traffic yielding keywords with few high value localised terms)
Industry: Holiday, Car, Entertainment, Finance
I have found that big brands still dominating on high traffic keywords and most of the pages ranked are well optimised with high value contents. If you have the miss-conception that ranking on is easier for high traffic earning keywords this data will clear the fog for you.

Sites ranking in top ten on has more than 1,525 words of contents at least on an average.

You will need a fair number of linking domains if you are trying to rank on first page for

Most of the domains has over 4K pages indexed by Google, this indicates that these domains are of high quality and producing good amount of contents.

Shorter meta-description tend to do better!

Most of the pages ranked on first page on are between 125-150 KB

CitationFlow and TrustFlow metrics by majesticseo correlates quite well with ranking in

PageRank still has best correlation with rankings in, and you still need quite high PageRank to rank better.

Top ranked sites are giving a good number of external links and it’s not hurting their rankings.

All these sites have quite well optimised title tags (length, structure etc.)

Most of these sites are using H1 quite well. So we can see big brands are still doing great, however they leverage on high quality contents and well optimised on and offsite elements. For smaller business you still need to utilise long tail keywords well and keep producing good quality content on a regular basis. Also having onsite elements well optimised is a must! Let me know if any of you like to play with my data, just send me an email to [email protected] or tweet@haiderferdous, I will send you complete raw data.